Monday, January 5, 2009

So....Dad reminded me that I have a blog

So I'm taking a few seconds to update it :)
I'm afraid I haven't anything interesting to write, I haven't had the time to put thought it to it.

This is pretty much what I've been doing this past week:
Click to Enlarge

And Seriously I've been doing it almost 8 hrs a day. I've done over 40 lessons in my math book since last Monday.

Interesting's 2009. 2008 flew by, but I really feel like it was a year of changing and growing. I'm definitely not the person I was 12 months ago. Not so much change on the outside, I'm still 5'5" (I always thought that I would give Katie a run for her money as the tallest in the family. No such Luck...Joe's passed me up now.)

Last Books I read:
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Anointed for Burial by Todd and DeAnn Burke.

Next on my List:
Nicholas Nickelby by Dickens
The Hiding Place (I read this book probably twice a year...and It's just great...each time)

Oh and I LOVE MY JOB!!!! I don't think you all know about my job....well, that's too long a story for now so...another post...soon I promise :)

Do Good and Avoid Evil :)
Go with God,


Kristi said...

:-)Those Calvin&Hobbes cartoons are a stitch! "Eleventy-teen"!

Abutton said...

I always love it when you blog! :)

Katie said...

Please tell me I am more of a help than Hobbies is???

I didn't know you wanted to be taller than me.... I think, besides the boys, Sarah is going to give me a run for my money.... I will enjoy not being the tallest child, by far....

Lady Dvora said...

You are much more of a help then Hobbes. I don't know that I wanted to be taller than you, just as tall as you :)

Merry Jane said...

Do good and avoid evil...that's advice I could definitely use in my life :)