Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Week of Love....What's in A Name?

The Name of the Pamphlet that these passages are being taken from has such an interesting title that I'm giving it it's very own post.

 "All the walls were covered with white paper. The patients could write or draw anything they wanted on the paper draped walls. On this day as my eyes scanned the writing and pictures, I was struck with an inner terror when I read these words.
"These words didn't originate from the lines of a poem or a book of neatly filled illustrations. They were formed by a broken heart crying out the only way it knew how. These lines were written by one who had crashed through the threshold of unknown personal terror and pain to etch their inner emptiness upon impersonal walls.
I imagined a person desperately reaching out for anyone who would allow his presence with a reasonable amount of dignity. The depth of the human isolation expressed in these words was enough to make me sit to calm my own mounting rage of anger. Who was "No One?" And why wasn't "no one" there? Do you mean to tell me that a world which daily faces a spiraling population crisis, could not produce one person with the necessary compassion to love this abandoned refugee from the human race. There words are a sad commentary to a shallow depth at which we continue to live our lives. "