Friday, December 19, 2008

Definition of "A NICE PERSON"

A nice person is neither too tall nor too short, looks clean and cheerful, has no prominent feature, makes no difficulties, is never misplaced, sits bodkin, is never foolishly affronted, and is void of affectations.
A nice person helps you well at dinner, understands you, is always gratefully received by young and old, Whig and Tory, grave and happy.
There is something in the very air of a nice person which inspires you with confidence, makes you talk, and talk without fear of malicious misrepresentation; you feel that you are reposing upon a nature which God has made kind, and created for the benefit and happiness of society. It has the effect upon the mind which soft air and a fine climate has upon the body.
A nice person is clear of little, trumpery passions, acknowledges superiority, delights in talent, shelters humility, pardons adversity, forgives deficiency, respects all men's rights, never stops the bottle, is never long and never wrong, always knows the day of the month, the name of every body at table, and never gives pain to any human being.
If any body is wanted for a party, a nice person is the first thought of; when the child is christened, when the daughter is married--all the joys of life are communicated to nice people; the hand of the dying man is always held out to a nice person.
A nice person never knocks over wine or melted butter, does not tread upon the dog's foot, or molest the family cat, eats soup without noise, laughs in the right place, and has a watchful and attentive eye.
-Syndney Smith


Merrill Jane said...

I am obviously not a nice person :)

Lady Dvora said...

Hey! I disagree....I was actually thinking of your family when I posted this!
You are a Child of God Merrill, You are a DELIGHTFUL person :)

Abutton said...

Hmm... I stepped on a dog's foot yesterday. :( Oops!

Kristi said...

Hmm. I am working on that one.

bryan said...

It looks like I'm not a nice person.