Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visitors Corner

We've been having so many varied visitors these past two months, I thought I would share our experiences and fun.
Let's see:
At the beginning, Brett Farve and Albert Pujols showed up alot for lunch...
Farve I could understand because he was retired...but Pujols was liking our cooking so well, he showed up all through the regular season!!

Then the Pevensies and company showed up at lunch one day and we were pleased to see them so much they hung around for Dinner,when Aslan came home from his hard day at work. Lucy especially was pleased to see him :) They stayed several days...
Then the next week, after the kids were left with me for the night and I let them watch a certain movie, Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the gang showed up. They proceeded to run around our house, protecting us and calling for each other VERY think the gang would have learned about a little thing called stealth by now.-
And again....King Richard the LION-hearted came for Supper after he was done with Work...I believe Marian specially invited him.
So many visitors, right? Fortunently when a new group shows up, the last group leaves quite quickly.
This past week, Winnie the Pooh and his Friends showed up. They sing songs and eat honey, and talk about the Blustery Day.

One odd thing about these adventures we've had.
Many of these characters bear a striking resemblance to these two:
Betcha ya didn't know that Lucy and Peter were so cute, did you?


Kristi said...

Love it! :-D

Katie said...

Th best part about all the visitors is that they are all so terribly cute!

I love having visitors!

Abutton said...

When each set of vistors leaves your house, send them here! I'd love to have a chance to chat with all of them! :)

Merrill Jane said...

You have waaaay better visitors than we do...the only thing that visited around here lately was the cat and the UPS man.