Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Luke and Sarah tidbits...

They are just being so cute I have to write about them!

Sarah has two teddy bears that she sleeps with. Their names?
Wesley (except it's pronounced "Wesaly") and Peanut Butter Cup :)

Today Sarah voted for Sarah Elisabeth Palin. That's how she says her name, "My name is Sarah Elisabeth S------...but Becca calls me Shorty"
So when we told her that Mrs. Palin's name was Sarah, she added the Elisabeth part out of habit. :)

Susie and I got up early and sailed through the voting line in about 10 minutes flat. There was a line out the door but that was for district 1. Fortunately we live in District 4 :)
Luke met us at the door with "Who did you vote for?"
"Yes! We have two votes for McCain!"

It's been great to see an election through the eyes of a two and a six/seven year old.

Oh and I got to vote for President the first time!!!!!!

....and though I never got to vote for him....I'll miss President Bush.


Katie said...

I had the honor of voting for President Bush, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'll miss him too.

Nicky Story said...

I second that Katie! I voted for him twice, and I would do it again. It was amazing to have a president that was a brother in Christ! I pray that God would even now protect him and bless him for his service.

Lady Dvora said...