Sunday, November 9, 2008

Had some questions.....

so I thought it would be fun to come up with a quiz :)

3 Favorite memories:
1.)Washington D.C.
2.)Farm Camp at the Wood's House
3.)Camp 06, 07

3 Proud moments:
(Don't get a big head, I'm just wondering what accomplishment/praises you've ever got)
1.) Exiting the stage after my first scene as Phil and hearing the audience cheer :)
2.) Getting a job at the Chamber
3.) Can't think of anything else.....

How did you meet two of your friends?
1.) When I met the one I thought she was an Angel :) Pretty dress, blond hair...wouldn't you?
2.) I don't remember any other meetings...I've known most of them for forever...

What do you do to relax?
I read a book

What is something that annoys you?
Writing a book- a historical book, but putting modern thoughts and actions in them

Laptop or desk top computer?
I like laptops...

how do you drink coffee?
With LOTS of creamer

and now to test your brain :)
Can you name the person that said this with out googling or IMDBing?
"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!"
Do you know what E-WIT's stands for?  

Post your answers in the Comments!!!! :)


Mac said...

I'm a little confused......Are we supposed to answers all of these question....The format keeps changing so I don't know what to say...

Lady Dvora said...

Yes, you are supposed to answer all the questions..
You're right the format does jump around :) Sorry :)

Merrill Jane said...

Favorite memories:
1) First year of horse showing. Priceless.
2) The 2004 baseball season. I was ten, but I remember it clearly, and the four of us had SO much fun.
3) Staying with the Asbills
Proud Moments:
1) going to irrigate...all by myself for the very first time
When did I meet my friends:
1) Kayla's dad was a hay customer of Dad's. When we first met, our family was going down to Texas to visit relatives, and we stopped on the way. Aunt Gail lined her kids up and introduced them to us, and Mom lined us up and introduced, and then we stood there and stared nervously at each other...for a very long time.
2)My two other close friends...I've known forever :)
What is something that annoys you?
1) When older sisters give instruction that isn't needed
2) When rowdy boys burp at the dinner table
3) The fact that Marian has manicured nails
And "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet..." was Patrick Henry :) I love that quote :)

Katie said...

3 Favorite Memories
1) Washington D.C.
2)IDD Chats :)
3) Camp

3 Proud Moments
.... ummm........
1) Teaching
2) umm... most of my moments involve my siblings. I was proud watching the homeschool group do Jane Eyre. I was proud of Debbie doing Phil. I was proud of Susie's Peter Pan set. Proud of the man Joe is becoming. Sorry... nothing about me....
3) I was happy that I got runner-up in the concerto competition. I suppose that counts...

How Did You Meet Two of Your Friends
1)Mom told me "You see that girl over there in the whatever-it-was shirt. You and she need to be friends." :)
2)I meet all my other friends (that aren't church friends or family) on IDD.

What Do You Do To Relax
Zone out on the computer or sew.

What It Something That Annoys You?
Getting in trouble for something I didn't do and people that don't understand me but think they do.

Laptop or Desktop
Depends on what I need it for.

How Do You Drink Coffee
From a mug :)
Lots of cream, preferable peppermint creamer.

Elders Wives In Training

I was going to say that the quote was in the movie Amazing Grace, but I'm not positive.... And now that I answered I'm off to Google it :)

Abutton said...

(This is tough!!)
-Thanksgivings with my family
-a walk in the pasture with one of my sisters in summer 2004
-Following Red Sox postseason 2004 with my family

Proud Moments:
-Getting my ACT score
-Baking an extraordinary cheesecake
-accomlishing my entire list one day

I don't remember meeting my two closest friendS! And the rest are from church... :)

Cook, read, nap, watch a movie

People who act like they know everything, but really don't know what they're talking about. I should be more patient. :(

Laptops are irritating me at the moment...

I don't.

I'm guessing Amazing Grace, but I could be wrong.

Not a clue.