Thursday, November 15, 2007

From the Office of the.......Scientist

To all members of the Midwest,

It is now
too cold to run errands without
a coat on.

This decision has been arrived at after
much observation, experiment and deduction.
We have now entered the phrase
of taking ten minutes to bundled up
before leaving the house for five minutes.

Please heed this warning!!!


Rebecca said...

Thank you for ruining my morning. I may cry. And then, I may rant about moving south for a few days. But, I won't. Actually, I'll probably threaten to move south all winter.

Emmie said...

The two of you have really got me laughing...I agree with you was 19 degrees when I went out to do chores a few days ago and the high for Thanksgiving weekend is 36 degrees. Bring your coats!

P.S. Becca, you want to move south?? I know this cute little place in Nebraska (it IS south of Wisconsin!). They have an extra bedroom, and they would love to have you for the winter! :)