Sunday, November 4, 2007

Douglas Bond

A couple of years ago,
I found a series of Books by Douglas Bond.

They are about the M'Kethe family
who are Scottish Covenanters.
They fight for 'the King and Kirk'
translated from the Scotch that means:
Jesus Christ and his church.

At the end of the series,
because of persecution and
the death of a beloved family member
the M'Kethes emigrate to America.

The series ended in '05
and I was sorry that I couldn't
look forward to any more installments.

This spring,
Douglas Bond published the first book
in the Faith and Freedom trilogy.

It's picks up the story of the M'Kethes
in America almost 100 years later.

I must admit the story didn't
intrigue me as much as the first three did,
there was a chapter that almost made me cry...
And as that is rather difficult to do,
I thought I'd share it with you
and see what ya'll thought.

it's very long all typed up
so I cut and pieced some of it together,
if you want or have the time to read it:)

The background of the chapter
is that Ian and his family have just
heard Jonathon Edwards preach
Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God.
Which if you haven't read
-and have the time-
you can follow the link
and read it.

But without further ado,
here are excerpts of the chapter....
It's will be pasted together
so it might not make total sense...

EDIT:After trying to post, blogger's not allowing it
so it must be too long,
so look in the post below for the quote


guess what i got said...

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-a hunter in training