Friday, April 25, 2008

Prince Caspain Quiz

Personality Quiz

61 - 80

You are Prince Caspian, who became the rightful heir of Narnia. You have a sharp eye for injustice and a humble heart to improve the world around you. You never quite rely on yourself to make changes; instead, you believe only teamwork can achieve them. As you grow in wisdom, you will learn to trust yourself.

Comment and let me know who you all get :)


Rebecca said...

I'm Prince Caspian, too :)

Katie said...

You are Peter, who became the High King of Narnia. You are a born leader who everyone naturally gravitates to for guidance and inspiration. You often feel the burden of responsibility, but you always do what's right because you possess strong morals. Blessed with a golden heart, you always want to help others seek justice.

I'm not surprised...

An Old Fashioned Girl said...


Kourtney Ann said...

I'm Lucy too.

Anonymous said...

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