Saturday, December 29, 2007

Your Perfect Day

I had to fill out a questionaire and that question was on there. I kinda go, 'oh brother, how am I supposed to answer that?' So I set the paper aside but contiuned to think about it. Well, I didn't come up with any criteria for a perfect day, but I do remember some days in the past year that I remember as being rather perfect.

The day I got to spend with Audrey, Rachel, and Susie is Lincoln. We went Shopping, we went out for Lunch and visited an enormous library. What could be better?

The Sunday after Thanksgiving when we had Thanksgiving all over again- with twenty minutes to prepare for it. Wonderful cooking, rolling biscuit dough with Rachel, snuggling with Audrey, enjoying the conversations with the Buckmasters, Trotters, Woods, and Schnieders, remebering the meetings and the hopeful messages shared in them.

The Three days We spent in Washington D.C. and Gettysburg this summer- Seeing History.

The Day out East that Sisters and I laid around the Hotel room all morning, eat lunch at Applebee's, and wander around the Barnes and Nobles for the rest of the Afternoon...and went to the Bourne ultiminuim (as Joe was calling it) in the Evening.

The First Night of Anne of Avonlea, esp. after my first scene when the Audience started clapping for me (well, at least I could really my sisters and Tyson who were in the front row). That was the perfect moment after all the hard work. People liked my character!! Yippie!! (Oh wait that was last year...oh well)

Getting snowed in with Dave, Kristi, Joshua and Elisa. We sang songs in the toasty warm living room.

The Fridays when it's just Mom and Susie and I at home and we sit and talk, about everything and nothing

oh and hugs, every perfect day has hugs in it...



Katie said...

I love you Debbie!!!! And I would choose those as well :) The day in NJ at B&N was tons of fun! We weren't at Applebees though... D.C. was totally awesome! And all the clapping AoA wasn't just us and Ty, the audience LOVED you and I mean it. Lots of people told me that. People I don't know :) I love history! I love when D&K get snowed in with us! And when Mom can sit for hours and talk to us! I love our conferences on the stairs :)

Erica said...

I just wanted to let you know that your last comment on my blog really blessed me. It makes me warm inside when I know that my "big sis" is excited with me.

I love you!

DaveWick said...

Hey, cool, we made the top 5!!

Abutton said...

Your perfect days sound absolutely lovely! I agree about the ones I was there for. Good memories...

Incomplete said...

It's days like that, that at the end of ones life, a person looks back, and despite all of the hard times that they have been through, they realise that they have had a perfect life. Just as it was.