Thursday, December 6, 2007

A favorite book....

I love reading classics for history,

it is definatly the best thing that ever happened

to me in School :)

You see I have a rather bad habit
of skipping around in a book,
especially if what is happening
isn't terribly interesting.

in reading a book for school,
you have to read only so many chapters a day,
no matter if they're boring or VERY interesting.
I followed the rules-
although I sometimes read ahead-
and I really enjoyed all my books,
AND understood them,
much better than similar books
I had read early on my own.

A favorite of mine is:
by Sir Walter Scott.

It's a 'Romanticized' account of
The Third Crusade with Richard the Lion-heart,
Phillip of France and Count Leopold of Austria.
There are many different characters:
a loyal dog who is saved from death and then revels a traitor,
a dwarf who is everywhere he's not supposed to be,
a hermit who is doing penance for a sin and pops in and out of the story,
either clearing things up or muddling them more,
a pretty Queen who likes to be entertained,
a knight with a secret,
a lady with proud honor....
[the last is not a contradiction:)]
Anyway, it's a very intertaining book,
it's not like Ivanhoe,
where the hero is ill or wounded
for 3/4ths of the book,
and has almost NO character development.
So if you're looking for a book to read, try it :)
And let me know what you think....

Oh, addition to a previous post:
Dad got to LEVEL 11 on his first try of
"Do You Know Your World?"


An Old Fashioned Girl said...

YAHOOOOO!!! She admitted it!!! It drives me CRAZY when Debbie skips to the end of books.

I've read Tailsman, it's not a bad book...