Friday, September 21, 2007

The "Udder" Fair

Just some snapshots of the fun -and terror- that we had at Platteville Dairy Days.

Sarah rode on her first Merry-Go-Round, or was it a carousel??

Anyways she had fun, especially with the up and down part.

Doesn't she have a handsome Escort?

Luke took Sarah down the Slide.
She might look a litte apprehensive, but she liked it

It's actually very relaxing to be spun around like a top.

Your legs aren't holding you up, the momentum is, it's VERY fun.

And now for the SCARY part-hide the Children! they might want to try it!

Here Lydia and I, we were so innocent and unsuspecting...

The point of this ride is to take you far up into the sky in a rocking cage...

and then drop you -face first if you flip the cage- down about one hundred feet, with only a bar holding you to your seat. See Susie's Hair?

WARNING! This ride is not for the children, the faint of Heart, or the faint of Stomach.


Joe said...

that second ride is so fun I had a blast.
here's a funny story. susie and i were riding on the ride and all the time there is someone screaming susie said "who's that" i said "oh it's lydia" and we thought no more about it 'till we got off the ride debbie is talking nonstop about how scary the rid was and how she was screaming the whole time. DEBBIE screaming her head off And LYDIA was being quiet. how rare is that.