Saturday, September 15, 2007


"If I had my way I'd be back in New Jersey eating Pizza."

Pizza is the All-American food!

But here's a question that popped into my head tonight.

Do you eat your pizza with a fork or by hand? Please comment!

One more quote:

" 'You look like Yanks.

You sound like Yanks,

but are you really Yanks?'

'What do you want?

The scores from the World Series?

Grab your stuff and let's get out of here'

'Yup, you're Yanks.' "

That one really cracks me up for some reason!!


Kristi said...

With my hands almost all the time. Pizza is definitely a "finger food" as far as I'm concerned!

I can't think of any specific exceptions, but I do have one or two vague memories of using a fork...

Rebecca said...

with a fork.

Why is it that everyone thinks Pizza is Italian????

Mac said...

I do it both ways...most commenly with a fork tho...

Because it has a lot of Italian ingredients and Italian people make it well?

Katie said...

I eat it both ways, depending on my mood

DaveWick said...

No reason to use a fork, unless it's deep dish and you can physically pick it up to eat it.

You know, if God wanted us to use forks I think they would be built in... :)

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

OK joke time: Should you eat pizza with your fingers?

Of course not, eat your fingers seperatly.

Yes I know that was gross.

Yes I eat my pizza while USEING my fingers.

Erica said...

ohmygoodness, you totally cannot eat pizza with your fingers. Except the crust. You politely cut and eat all of the pizza part, and then pick up the crust and eat it. That's the only way to do it; no kidding.

Katie said...

What!!! Erica... do you ever eat pizza with your fingers? It's fun! I eat it both ways... probably depends on how hungry I am :)

Merrill said...

Fingers! I almost ALWAYS use my hands.

Pizza isn't Italian??? I always thought it don't think I like it quite so much anymore...

Side note: I can't even remember the last time I ever saw Erica eat pizza with her fingers

DaveWick said...

Umm as far as I know, pizza originated in Naples, so it's roots are definitely Italian. However, the americanized versions of pizza are unlike the classic European variey.

Joe said...

It would be shocking if anyone ever saw me (in the exeption of a high ranking company) eat pizza with a fork EVER. I never eat pizza with a fork. period.

P.S. I love that joke LYDIA

Miss Alice said...

Fingers. Unless it's too hot or gooey.