Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Britian's GOT talent!

Had to share these with you. You may have already seen all of them but they are worth another look.

The Next video won't let me post it here so here's the link:

and this last one just happened on Saturday. Credit to Lydia for showing me this, "But Lydia's the sort of person that knows"

Bother...I can't embed this one either...Oh Well.
She's a little....Silly at the beginning. Sorry
Follow the link:

Two posts in two days...don't get spoiled I doubt this will be a common occurrence.


An Old Fashioned Girl said...

"But Lydia's the sort of person that knows"

Is that a compliment?

I love all three singers, they're so amazing.

Lady Dvora said...

Of COURSE it's a compliment! It's a Quote about Edmund...