Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A finished project...

So I moved into a new room.....more than a year ago. And I've kinda always wanted to make it mine...not my stuff in my sister's room. So about a month ago I asked Susie to use her artistic brain and help me figure out a 'theme' for my room and she did :) So we painted, and stored all the wrong colored nick-nacks in my closet, and bought a new comforter...and I finally hung the last pictures last week in honor of my best friend coming :)So I thought I'd post pictures!

Without further ado....
My absolutely GORGEOUS hope chest made by my Grandpa.
It was one of the inspiring pieces for the theme in my room...it was my 'Victorian' influence.

My Books!! I love my books...I just got a copy of Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens. Guess what I've been reading??
So that was an influence Susie considered...
And there on the wall you see my 'Howdy' twisted out of barbed wire.
Susie classified it as my 'Ranch' influence.
This is my Jerusalem Wall.
My grandpa's the artist of the Jerusalem Skyline and the Wailing Wall.

I call this "My Family Tree" and Dad calls my wall color "Burnt Rose".

That's a cot in front of my bookself. It's waiting for my friend to come use it again.
See my night stand Kristi? The fabric and ribbon works great I think....

so that's it. my project. my room....I feel accomplished. I actually finished something artistic :)


Katie said...

I love your nightstand!!!

I wish I could do something to my room...

Abutton said...

I love your room! I especially like the Jerusalem Wall. And, of course, the cot, because it makes me feel welcome! :)

Valerie said...

I think your bookcase is exactly like mine... did you get it at walmart? :P

Lady Dvora said...

I got the smaller one at walmart...and I've had the larger one so long I don't remember where I got it :P