Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I think....therefore I am

I am: Thinking

I know: nothing
I have: a headache

I wish: for direction

I hate: headaches
I miss: childhood

I fear: the future

I feel: pensive

I hear: Sarah B

I smell: Air

I crave: good bread with butter

I search: Buzz Lane (which Google found for me !)

I wonder: about my excuses

I regret: making excuses

I love: reading about other worlds

I am not: perfect

I believe: in Miracles

I dance: The waltz

I sing: Loch Lamond

I cry: over sad books

I don't always: remember things

I fight: for what is right

I write: Sporadically

I win: history quizes

I lose: Culture Quizes

I never: smoke

I always: drink water

I confuse: myself

I listen: music Twila Paris and Sara Groves are the Favs at the moment

I can usually be found: in my room

I need: talk to my mom

I am happy about: having the day off tomorrow

I imagine: a perfect future