Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Do We Fight?

"Refusing them would be fatal to all of us...
but to join them...would be unthinkable."
-Capt. Von Trapp

What a position to be in. What a decision to face. The Captain had the fate of his children in his hands. On the one hand was their physical well being....but on the other was their spiritual. What example would he be to them by joining those that were trampling the lives of Jews and special children under their boots? That were following a man who required that they call black, white and to live in the grey area? He was a Patriot and you could not call him a coward....the man had spent years in the service of his country and had Captained submarines when they were still experimental warships. But the country that he had fought for was no more. The name perhaps had been kept but the rules had changed.

You can he did. With just the clothes on his backs, his treasures left to the plunder of the enemy....but his children would grow up knowing right from wrong, with the strengths to make these decisions, and God could welcome him with a "Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the Joy of the Lord."

You can do as the Ten Booms did...they opened their door to any that might knock, and it was a fatal decision...but the decisions gave Corrie a platform that no other suffering could give her. "We will teach them that Love is stronger than Hate."


Kourtney Ann said...

A very powerful post Debi!
It opens up doors for lots of pondering.

I love "The Sound Of Music"! It's one of my favorite movies!!

Kristi said...

That was very well said.