Saturday, March 15, 2008

River dance

Ok this isn't exactly riding a horse with no reins like on Merrill's blog, which if you haven't seen you MUST!!! Or the rip-roaring fun posted on Moriah's Blog . This is amazing, wished-I-Could-have-seen-it, how-do-they-do-that fun :)


Moriah said...

It is amazing! It is a lot like hard-shoe Irish dance, I think that it might be...I am not sure though. I found another you-tube video that you might like, It is hard shoe Irish Dance, there are two types of Irish dancing, soft shoe (which is the kind that I did) and then Hard shoe....Hard shoe is like River dance or clogging!
Enjoy (this isn't a link)

Moriah said...

just copy in paste the website I gave you in the "search" bar! Then it will work:)

Moriah said...

sorry that I have made this into three comments...but I forgot to tell you that I like the new background!

Emmie said...

Wow...that's pretty impressive! I had so much fun watching it :)